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Techno Recommends Radio 299 - Max Kane

Fri, 10 Dec 2021 15:57:15 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio 299
with Max Kane

December 10 2021

An extended 2 hour Headline Mix from TR Resident Max Kane on Techno Recommends Radio this week.

Expect full fire Hard Techno goodness from the outset with standout tracks by Geerson, Blicz, Rudosa, Slam & Rebekah, Carl Shorts, Andreas Kraemer & Shadym, SveTec, Claas Herrmann and more!


Extended Headline Mix - Max Kane

01. Muhi "Back To Basics" [DSR Digital]
02. Kruger "We Live Again" [Coincidence Records]
03. Carl Shorts "Expect Carnage" [Mechanikal]
04. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Tobsucht" [Hydraulix]
05. SubSight "Nostromo" [Hydraulix]
06. Slam, Rebekah "Erratic Movements" [Soma Records]
07. Jonas Xenon "Kung Fu" [Out Rage Records]
08. David Oblivion "Submissive Oscillator" [Scourge]
09. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Reflect" [Hydrualix]
10. Mython "Thumbtack" [GENERA41]
11. Carl Shorts "Hungry Animals" [Mechanikal]
12. Azyr "Creator of Vengeance"
13. Stan Christ, 753 "Strategic Heist" [No Mercy]
14. Jonas Xenon "Rellek" [Out Rage Records]

TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week
15. Segler "Boomerang" (Claas Herrmann Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten]

16. SIS, Bentech "No One Takes Me Down" (SveTec Remix) [Raw Techno Reach Town]
17. Markus Weigelt "Space Invaders" [ReWasted]
18. Shadym "In Dust We Cover" [Mad Made]
19. Claas Herrmann "Alliance" [Revised Records]
20. Blicz "Still In Hell" [OUTWORLD]
21. Exil Der Schatten "Path of Dispair" [AKRONYM]
22. Geerson "Crazy With All The Squad" (Blicz Remix) [Moments In Time]
23. Mython "Mental Exercise" [GENRA41]
24. SveTec "Lust" [Mad Made]
25. Patrik Gora "Into The Light" [Mad Made]
26. Hardcell, Grindvik "Square" (Markus Weigelt Bootleg)
27. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Control" [AKRONYM]
28. Modular Method "FCKNCVD" [DSR Digital]
29. Jonas Xenon ft Mython "Hurt" [Out Rage Records]
30. Rudosa "Fear of Rejection" [Moments In Time]