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Rebel Mix #393 ft No Entropy

Mon, 06 Jun 2022 17:52:05 +0000
115.4 MB, 02:00:13,

Streamed LIVE on Techno.FM on June 4th 2022

This week's guest is Toronto-based No Entropy
SC: @noentropymusic
IG: noentropymusic

No Entropy has been making her mark in the Toronto scene, playing across local venues and some of the city's best underground raves. Her sets are characterized by deep basslines, percussive progressions, trippy vocals, and grooves that one can lose themselves in. She loves the complexity of layering sounds, and creating a feeling of magic, and a feeling of being somewhere else, like in another dimension, or in a trance through music.

Bring out your good sound system for this 2 hour journey. Enjoy!