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Techno Recommends Radio 307 - Max Kane

Fri, 29 Apr 2022 14:19:09 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio
with Max Kane

Episode 307
April 28 2022 - Max Kane Studio Session

Max Kane delivers 2 hours of Techno on this week's TR Radio, featuring an assortment of awesome new audio.

Expect standout new music from Blicz, Alt8, Geerson, Perc, Arjun Vagale, Pfirter, Alex TB, Slam, AnGy KoRe, Axel Karakasis and more.

A pristine new Future Focus track comes from Lawrence Lee and we have a gargantuan new TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week from Arweenn.


01. Arjun Vagale "Cryophytes" [RSPX]
02. Dean Gustavsson "Mytomani" [Dean Gustavsson Music]
03. Dean Gustavsson "Transformation" [Dean Gustavsson Music]
04. Electric Rescue "Postures Digitales" [Skryptöm]
05. Vinicius Honorio, Halley Seidel "Tied Up" [Suara]
06. Axel Karakasis "Airborne Dust" [Tronic]
07. V111 "Ball Gag" [RSPX]
08. Arjun Vagale "Flash" [RSPX]

Future Focus
09. Lawrence Lee "Hardcore Seoul" [E-Missions]

10. Inafekt "Polymob" [The AudioBloc]
11. Arnaud Le Texier "Demon" [Children of Tomorrow]
12. Pfirter "Mostly 134" (Playmo Remix) [Paralelo]
13. Gioh Cecato "Hypnosis" (SKiRRA Remix) [Hydraulix]
14. David Serrano "Rave Today" (DJ Ogi Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
15. Remco Beekwilder "Eastern Promise" [Clergy]
16. Stanz Amour "Tribal Together" [Clergy]
17. Minor Dott "Prisoner of Nightmares" [Soma Records]

TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week
18. Arweenn "Slew of Success" (Perc Remix) [Alderic Records]

19. Balrog "Burn The Battery Out" [Hydraulix]
20. EAS, Selective Response "Rules of Attraction" [Clergy]
21. Alt8 "Trophy Loop" [Reckless]
22. Jonas Xenon "Black Nails" [GENERA41]
23. Alex TB "Keep Calm and Resist" [Mad Made]
24. Luckes "Wake Up" [Kube Records]
25. Barbosa "End of the Road" [Heist Mode]
26. Slam "Collusion" [Clergy]
27. Darzak, Electric Rescue "Digitalis" [Maison Beryl]

Headline Mix - Max Kane
28. Blicz, Alt8 "Samba Di Bullerengue" [Reckless]
29. Geerson "Academical" [GEN X]
30. Benji303 "Fresh Groovin'" (Tassid Remix) [303 Alliance]
31. Blicz, Alt8 "West Coast Love" [Reckless]
32. KlangKuenstler "Wechselspannung" [OUTWORLD]
33. Alex TB "1000 Volts" [Mad Made]
34. AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita "Wake Up, Fucked Up" [Mad Horse]
35. Geerson "Let the Dog Out" [GEN X]