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Dungeon Signals Podcast 365 - Jules Dago

Sun, 17 Sep 2023 14:10:08 +0000
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1700-1830_ Jules Dago [Leiden, NL]

1830-2000_ Dano C [Rotterdam, NL]

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Jules Dago started 25 years ago, organizing regular events in his student flat in electronic music.
From 2005 he spearheaded PsyTech and later on Twilight (Kollektiv) and managed and played and organized in LVC, Club Bazart, The Hague, Night town (Rotterdam), Multipleks, Bar & Boos, Vrijplaats in Leiden and also at festivals like Teknival, Occupy A'dam, and many others.

In recent years he organized and played for Dock x Microclub (lockdown events), John Doe &, Roots in A' dam, and many Illegal raves like Book Club, Sprookjesbos and the Binckhaven and other clubs in and around the main cities.

More recently he is also helping out with his friends from 'Blended', a new organization, spearheaded by Jeroen Robbers & Niels van der Broek (organizing in 301 & Easterbar and other places, mainly in A'dam).

He is mainly interested in true underground electronic music, saying most places lose depth and quality in electronic music due to commercialism.

During the Covid Lockdowns! Jules Dago was the first to continue in the region Zuid Holland, in the period when it was impossible to even find decent and willing DJs to come over and play.
These events were called the Dock and later on during Covid, he worked also with the boys (from the hood) from Microclub (moving rhythms). Low-profile small-scale events.

In his own words about this period: "It was a stressful but also an intimate warm experience, meeting true Techno lovers to come together in this bizarre period but we managed to stay undetected and unfined!

For well over 30 parties during the covid years, I am proud of saying: "At least we did something against this tyranny and gave True Techno lovers a way out".

Please check out my channel on Soundcloud (twilight Kollektiv with 2 k's) and twilight Kollektiv on Facebook. You can join the Dock/ Twilight Kollektiv group for parties on Messenger If you sent Jules Dago a message via Facebook.


IG → instagram.com/dungeon_signals_rotterdam
FB → facebook.com/dungeonsignals
E → giordanocolina@hotmail.com