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Mantis Radio 342 - Razbibriga

Wed, 04 May 2022 08:30:00 GMT
173.1 MB, 02:00:00,

Mantis Radio 342 - Razbibriga
Serbia's Razbibriga brings to the show a fierce techno throwdown for today's guest mix. Like his Serbian counterparts Ontal, Scalameriya, and Lag, Razbibriga writes broken techno slabs steeped in industrial heft and granite. He’s released on Genesa Records, Mord, Sticky Ground, Overdraw, and via his own label - Promena.
Also on the show, music from Special Request, Rat Heart, Livity Sound, Commodo, Confidence Man, Bakongo and Spectre, Josh Wink, dynArec, Carl Finlow, Crouds, Lag, Slikback, Ontal, and Planet Mu.
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