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Mr Vladi B2B Cesar Marcos 2019

Sun, 06 Oct 2019 17:23:44 +0000
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Let's welcome my friend Mr vladi for me is a great honor to work on this great project B2B progressive house, the good of mexico, is a great dj, has a good talent, I hope you enjoy this wonderful 2 hour session full of good beats, feelings, for the music thanks to everyone as always can leave your comments, I leave the tracklist of the session.
1 hora Mrvladi:https://www.mixcloud.com/MrVladiCalavera/?fbclid=IwAR3pgL44tDyYq0ya8ByNGsaj5-QB-pn44vW2X08-3GlZxHRgK_aQvf14i7c
01- Yagudky (Bedouin Edit)
02- Aisa (FNX OMAR Remix)
03- Gnawa (Sabo Remix) [Deep Ethnic House Flying Circus
04- Eden (Original Mix)
05- Hanguk (Fabri Lopez Remix) [Clubsonica Records]
06- Disorder (Andrea Cassino Remix)
07- Shogun (Original Mix)
08- Bangkok (Klunsh Extended Remix)
09- The Day I Felt Dizzy (Controlwerk Remix)
10- I Talk To Dinosaurs (Nico Szabo Remix)
11- Naked (Original Mix)

2 hora Cesar Marcos
01-Underground Ticket - Leave (Cosmonaut Remix
02-Nishan Lee - Voice of Ella Remix
03-FMENEZS, Subandrio - Appear Sun (Subandrio Remix)
04-Sebastian Sellares - Jormungander Remix
05-Blue Cell - Behind the Fog
06-Leo Perez, Dhany G - Jade
07-Carla Cimino - Artemis (Luciano Scheffer Remix
08-Ri Za - Cold Winter Nights (Original Mix)
09-Hannes Bieger, Francesca Lombardo - A Million Souls
10-Alfonso Muchacho - Heartless
11-Paul Sawyer, Marco Bartolucci, Giapan - Alchemy (Original Mix)