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Dungeon Signals Podcast 317 - Jules Dago

Mon, 05 Sep 2022 14:10:09 +0000
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03 / 09 / 22 | 04 / 09 / 22


1700_ jules dago [Leiden, NL]

1830_ dano c [Rotterdam, NL]

Jules Dago started organizing events 20 years ago in his student flat. Since then he organised events in Nighttown, Club Bazart, LVC Leiden, de Vrijplaats, Multipleks, Bar & Boos and many more venues. Since 2012 his focus became more on the more profound electronic minimalistic music. In 2012 Jules started Twilight, later adding Kollektiv to their name when he started producing/ DJ - ing with Tomek

Sikora & Pat Leo from 2012 onwards. Some outdoor raves have co-operated with D.U.C. (Dutch Underground Crew) & Dungeon Signals. When Corona measures hit the scene at the start of 2020, Jules Dago organized, from the very start of the crisis, small-scale, and secretive events, keeping the precious scene alive, later on together with the boys from Microclub. They have produced 2 albums for the label First Impression.

A long-lasting label from 1989 headed by Robin Albers also known as Jaydee. The first album was called Kollektiv Minds, and the latest album was Second Thoughts. They can be found on stable platforms like Spotify and Beatport. Twilight Kollektiv is now in the process of releasing its third album called: Make Yourself Comfortable.

They already have had positive feedback from several high-ranking labels! Several artists have joined the Kollektiv ever since Second Thoughts, like Jesua Eyowa, who worked together with Cubicolor for 13 years. Other artists/DJs who have joined the kollektiv since are Tijmen de Koning, Hakimono Zhoe, and Jayru. Please enjoy this mix of Twilight Kollektiv from Jules Dago.


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