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TechnoColor Podcast 196 | Save Your Atoll

Mon, 04 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
145.6 MB, 01:00:38,

Welcome back my friend Antonello aka Save Your Atoll delivering an amazing deep techno mix ❥

Follow the artist:

Purl - Renovatio (Archives)
Save Your Atoll - Inner Dance (SYA)
Guise - Tarsal (TGP)
Andrea Cossu - Odissee erranti - Craft Rmx (NoWay Records)
Primal Code - Caimano tribe (Hypnus Records)
Mohlao - Cut (Hypnus Records)
Essè - Less (TGP)
Michel Lauriola - Roma is burning (INSIGN)
Kill Acid On Space - Glide (Node)
Qphoriq - Zulu Hunt (Corpus)
Primal Code - Origins (TGP)
Floating Machine - Simple Things (Aarden records)
Archivist - Fly in amber (TGP)
Snufmumriko - High Pasture (Archives)

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