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Dungeon Signals Podcast 271 - Dano C

Sun, 10 Oct 2021 15:40:07 +0000
186.6 MB, 01:17:29,

prøgråm | Oct 9, 10

17:00_ tino deep [Kosovo, ALB]

18:30_ dano c [Rotterdam, NLD]

SA 5-8 pm_ pure radio pureradio.eu/underground/
SU 5-8 pm_ techno fm techno.fm/shows/dungeonsignals

Giordano Colina, better known as Dano C, is a 30-year-old DJ and producer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From the age of 15, Dano C has lots of love and passion for every kind of House & Techno Music.

Throughout the years Dano C has performed in many Venues, released music on various labels. He hosts a radio show every Saturday on Pure Radio and organizes his own parties with the name 'Sprookjesbos and Dungeon Signals'.

All these experience has made sure that Dano C is a pioneer in electronic music and ready to take on the world with his music and concepts.

With releases on Blanc Stone Digital, Toxic Recordings, Jambalay Records, Dark Hooks Records, and Herr Zimmerman. His joyful and lively vibe is ready to go further passed the border to please more party-crowd across the globe.

For a Booking:
Giordano Colina

→ instagram.com/dungeon_signals
→ mixcloud.com/dungeonsignals
→ @dungeonsignals
→ info@dungeonsignals.nl