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Dungeon Signals Podcast - 276 - Grimmaldika

Tue, 16 Nov 2021 15:10:01 +0000
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17:00_ grimmaldika[Madrid, ESP]

18:30_ dano c [Rotterdam, NLD]

SA 5-8 pm_ pure radio pureradio.eu/underground
SU 5-8 pm_ techno fm techno.fm/shows/dungeonsignals

From a very young age, I was already fascinated by music & entertainment. Growing up with classical music, jazz & blues as well as bands from the '60s and '70s, there was always one or another association with mostly any genre!

Music for me is a feeling and that became reflected at age 14 when I really fell in love with music! I began making soundscapes and experimenting with all sorts of equipment, but mostly I loved playing my guitar!

Coming from the metal and rock scene with 20+ years of experience I finally decided to dedicate myself to performing and making techno music!

Since then I've released on various labels like SMR underground, Ithica Records, *Ushuaia Music, and still climbing the ladder upwards! I am known for my high-energy mixing sets and it really shows when I hit the stage! You want power.....you want me!

For a booking: grimmaldika.official@gmail.com


→ instagram.com/dungeon_signals
→ mixcloud.com/dungeonsignals
→ soundcloud.com/dungeonsignals
→ info@dungeonsignals.nl