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Transmissions 519 with Boris

Mon, 04 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000
84.1 MB, 58:22,

Boris presents his weekly Transmissions Radio show featuring new and already established names in the music world.
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01.Boris “ Funky Beat ( Fronter remix)
02.Fronter “Chitown”
03.Fronter “ Mounbeck”
04.Fronter- Alkaloïde”
05.Angel Heredia “ Tortellino
07.Boris “ Como Tu”
08.Collective States “ Nanook
09.Camil Franco & Rene Amesz “ Pondo
10.Loofy “ Last Night”
11.Obando Matheo Velez “ Keep The Secret
12.Ramon Bedoya “ Los Colores
13.Pacho $ Pepa “ People”
14.Fronter & Julian Collazoos “ Mami Chula
15.Piero & Pirupa “ Change YourMind”

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