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Dungeon Signals Podcast 267 - Jasons Hank

Tue, 14 Sep 2021 14:25:07 +0000
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prøgråm | September 11, 12

17:00 _ jasons hank [the hague, NLD]

18:30 _ dano c [rotterdam, NLD]

Dj, Organizer, Producer, Designer.

Jasons Hank started to become interested in electronic music at a very young age. This showed him the Techno world. He has been involved in mixing and composing for years.
He deals with composers and party organizations. The first event was 13 years old, motivated in the future! Although he then concentrated on his studies.

During this time, Jasons Hank was also an event organizer in Iculia. In 2012 left Hungary and moved to holland where. New opportunities for him, which enabled him to create his own organization.

T.P.S - Techno Pressure Sequence ... which is a live broadcast and event also. In the last two years. 2016-2018. several performances and an event organized in different places. Jasons Hank also started producing work.

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