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Untitled Techno *Live* with Jacki-e, Betty Bloop & Richie Q July 2019

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 20:36:10 +0000
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Untitled Radio no.3 coming live on techno fm, starting at 9pm on Friday 26th July. We bring you 3 hours of the finest dark, acid, and industrial techno, from some of the UK's finest dj's and producers.

Jacki-e opens the show;

This one time student of Lisa Lashes DJ School has been making waves in the techno scene for quite a while.

Hosting 2 internet radio shows; Draw the Line and A Darker Wave, this lady is a champion for female DJ's. She has gone on to produce her own music and have released on German label Get Physical, as well as multiple remixes for prominent artists on other labels.

Her latest is a remix of HUMAN ROBOT by The SloaneRanger, released on 12th July.

We look forward to seeing her DJ at Chester's premiere techno event, Nexus, at G21 (The Saddle) on 9th August.

Next up was Betty Bloop;

Now into her third show as resident for Untitled (techno), Betty is becoming known for her hard hitting uncompromising Industrial sound.

Due to unforeseen circumstances at our end, Griff was unable to join us this month. Rest assured he will be with us for the August show!

And so, stepping in for the final hour was myself, Richie Q;

Having taken a step back for the last few months, i thought why not...

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