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Evolution Radio #042 [techno.fm]- LK

Thu, 02 Dec 2021 21:00:02 +0000
87.4 MB, 01:00:40,

The first Serbian 100% techno radio show. Promoting the biggest tunes and featuring the most talented techno djs from the region plus international guests! Hosted by LK.
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Marco Bailey - 2020
Marco Bailey - Nightlife
Marco Bailey - Dart
Planetary Assault Systems - Devotion
Pfirter - Habitable Zone
Paolo Ferrara, Raär, Illnurse - Secret Knights
asstnt, Roll Dann - Old Crescent
_asstnt, Roll Dann - Drunkenness of the Deep
Paolo Ferrara, Raär, Illnurse - 2015X
Slam + Rebekah - Believe In The Night
DYEN - Breakdown
u.r.trax - Race Against The Time (MRD Remix)