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Techno Recommends Radio 3 September 2021

Fri, 03 Sep 2021 15:11:21 +0000
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Techno Recommends Radio
with Max Kane

September 3 2021

2 hours of raw techno radio-ready, rave remedy on TRR this week with TR resident Max Kane serving up 120 minutes of outstanding new music.

01. Tony Tyson "Flare" [Cortex Recordings]
02. Insical "Flood" [The AudioBloc]
03. DCM "Conciencia" (Linear Phase Remix) [Signal Ltd]
04. Ian Axide "Phrenetic" [Emphatic Records]
05. Antidote MT "Fuse Injector" (Linear System Remix v1) [Solid Tracks Recordings]

Future Focus
06. Michel Lauriola, Fixeer "Integration of Parts" [Gynoid Audio]

07. RNGD "Forward Motion" [Utopia Society]
08. Juan Trujillo "Conviction" [Unknown Territory]
09. Vinicius Honorio "Deadpan" [Liberta Records]
10. Joao Cambraia "Road Eater" [Liberta Records]
11. Juan Trujillo "Crystal Matter" [Unknown Territory]
12. Noaria "Looping" (Justin Schumacher Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
13. Flug "Fuego En Al Alma" [Rave Code]
14. Vohkinne "Glacial Tides" [MindTrip]
15. Eric Sän "Inconciencia" (Sone Remix) [Alleanza]
16. Axel Karakasis "Bouncy Subject" [Remain Records]

Techno Recommended - Record of the Week
17. William Arist "B-One" (Gary Beck Remix) [BEK Audio]

18. Vinicius Honorio "Unknown Horizons" [Liberta Records]
19. Ian Axide "Eleven" [Emphatic Records]
20. Magna Pia "Fertile" (Linear System Remix) [[R]3volution]
21. Drop-E "Mitigatory Action" [Edit Select]
22. Ian Axide "Devastated" [Emphatic Records]
23. DJ Dextro "Proxima" [Sleaze Records]
24. Pfirter "Continuation" [Paralelo]
25. William Arist "Excesivo" [BEK Audio]

Headline Mix

26. Cleric "Fujiwara" [Rave Code]
27. Ramon Tapia "Last Step" (DJ Dextro Remix) [Say What?]
28. Axel Karakasis "Tattered Condition" [Remain Records]
29. A. Paul, DJ Dextro "Agnato" [Naked Lunch]
30. Antonio De Angelis "Level" [Children of Tomorrow]
31. Roll Dann "The Downfall" [Soma Records]
32. Pfirter "Appearance" [Paralelo]
33. DJ Dextro "5 Seconds to Testify" (Dub Mix) [Naked Lunch]
34. A. Paul "Fear of Missing Out" [Naked Lunch]
35. Orion "Save Us" (Fred Asquith Remix) [Room2]