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Nex Radio 25 // live on techno.fm // 10.4.20 // feat: He Valencia, Hans Delbruch & SH13

Sat, 11 Apr 2020 01:07:06 +0000
433.3 MB, 03:00:32,

Recording of our NexusRadio 25 show, which went out live on www.techno,fm on Friday 10th April 2020

1st hour: He Valencia
2nd hour: Hans Delbruck
3rd hour: SH13


He Valencia

“He Valencia is an Indiana-based artist exploring the permeations and intersections of techno and other forms of experimental electronic music. He uses these sounds to explore greater themes of diaspora and afrofuturism.”


He’s played around the US and further afield with luminaries of the interesting end of techno and other dance forms including Bergsonist, Ariel Zetina, Carlos Souffront & Umfang, amongst others - and has thrown down guestmixes on iconic stations and shows such as rinse.fm, Lot Radio and NTS.

We ran into HV online through this stunning mix - https://soundcloud.com/he_valencia/rave-reparations-exclusive-guest-mix-by-he-valencia, and we’re delighted to welcome him to Nexus radio for your listening pleasure - with what’ll be an amazing mix.



Hans Delbruck

Hans Delbrück (AKA Harry Walker) is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer from the North West of England who’s played at a number of Nexus parties and radio shows and has always taken the roof off. We’re psyched to have him back.

”Early influences come from the psych and punk music of the free festival scene from the late 80’s and early 90’s, which naturally morphed into the heavy, fast dance music that developed from those roots.

A veteran of the Manchester dance music scene, he was one half of resident live Techno act ‘Repeater’ at the legendary Havok nights and in-house producer for the label of the same name. Along with his partner in crime, Alan Woodburn, they played a hard mix of Acid Trance and Techno. Their first EP was from a shared session with London legends ‘Brides Make Acid’ and was released on ‘Filterless’ records. However, with the snowballing success of the Havok club, Havok Records was soon formed and a string of releases came shortly after: his collaborations and remixes with various artists and DJ.s include Lab4, Chris Liberator and Medicine man, to name but a few.

Over the last few years Harry has found himself drawn back to the electronic music he enjoyed so much in the past so the decision was made and ‘Hans Delbruck’ was resurrected. With a passion for heavy, brooding Techno and roots in the psychedelic soundscapes of his early influences, todays sound finds itself drifting between dark, minimal Techno and classic Acid Trance building with layers of ethereal synth patterns in equal measures of light and shade. Live and radio shows around the NW have received rave reviews – and recent releases and remixes on high-quality labels such as Oxytech, Dolma and Hardwandler have cemented Hans’ reputation as an incredible musician and performer.”




The dark techno / industrial pseudonym of Nexus Resident Sted Hellvis (dirty warehouse / squat techno); equally tough in outlook and attitude, SH13 is the outlet for the mayhem pitching in around 135-140bpm.

SH13’s sets focus on an industrial edge, with monstrous kick drums, twisted distortion and dirty sonics. Sometimes described as brutal, it’s hard edged without a doubt but doesn’t lose the focus of the dancefloor.