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Live From Hackney Lockdown Edition with ThermoBee & James Kinetec (Apr 2020)

Wed, 06 May 2020 17:07:05 +0000
512 MB, 03:33:18,

Everyone's jumpin' on the virtual rave bandwagon but we've been doing these shows with our merry band of international virtual ravers for decades now.
But for the first time we've been forced to play a pre-recorded set - James recorded a bangin set of new tunes in the afternoon and sent it over. And another first - we joined up with the Big Fish crew from Curitiba to do a live video stream - I've got no idea why anyone would want to watch us getting drunk, twiddling knobs and pulling embarrassing dance moves, but anyway we went for it :) As we linked up with Big Fish I put together a set of the kind of stuff I would've been playing at their parties nearly 20 years ago...