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Dungeon Signals Podcast 358 - Moyua

Thu, 29 Jun 2023 19:22:38 +0000
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24 / 06 / 23 | 25 / 06 / 23


1700-1830_ Moyua [Tolosa, ES]

1830-2000_ Dano C [Rotterdam, NL]

SA 24 06 / Pure Radio | pureradio.eu
SU 25 06 / Techno FM | techno.fm/shows/dungeonsignals

My career began at the end of the 90s performing in the pubs and bars in my town '' Tolosa '' and other places in the north of Spain, mainly in the Basque country.
Many years later I managed to win a DJ championship and my image little by little.
He became present in several national podcasts.
The covid pandemic arrived and I learned how to produce from Oscar Escapa.
Three months later I participated in an E.P. from the Mazzinga Record label and other producers, working for Ultranza Records with Borja Salvador, Miguel Malaga and Naimo in another E.P.
Until Lander B's Maskerade label opted for my music, he was able to release his first E.P. Solo.
Moyua is now working on several projects he hopes to release soon.


IG → instagram.com/dungeon_signals_rotterdam
FB → facebook.com/dungeonsignals
E → giordanocolina@hotmail.com