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Thu, 14 Sep 2017 16:29:58 +0200
61.3 MB, 1:00:00,

This week´s #AMFM is the third hour of my set that I played on August the 12th at Sunny Beach, a Bulgarian beach on the Black Sea… Well the actual venue is called Cacao Beach, quite a beautiful place with an amazing sunrise in the morning. It had been a pretty intense, fun and long day before we headed out to Bulgaria, cause it was on the same day of the great Swiss Streetparade in Zürich where I played on a float with Loco Dice. A fun day, but also a little demanding with regard to sleep and activity. The plan was to play 5h at Cacao Beach, from 2-7 am, so into the sunrise. Shortly after we got to the venue, the promoter told us, that the government is regularly checking the sound levels of all places on the beach and that I had to play at around 90 dB for the most part. For those of you not familiar with levels, in a club it is relatively normal to have about 100-120 dB. So when I started a little delayed (this is why the whole set is only about 4h and 40min long) I tried to make the best out of it and luckily the crowd was very understanding and we ended up having a real good night/morning. Well you can judge yourself by checking out the set. One major reason for me to upload the set to #AMFM was, that those who were there should be able to have the opportunity to listen again… and loud… enjoy..