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Mon, 21 Aug 2017 11:11:32 +0200
87.3 MB, 1:00:00,

This week´s #AMFM is the third and last hour of my set at Guendalina club in the south of Italy on July 29th 2017. For about 15 years now I have had the pleasure to play on a regular basis in Italy, but never played at that beautiful open air club before. For me this Saturday, July 29th, had 3 gigs planned. I started at the playdifferent stage at Tomorrowland and afterwards I flew directly to Stuttgart airport, where they sadly had some repairs on the runway, which caused some heavy delays, making me miss my gig at the @wetfestival. Things like this can happen and are beyond anyone´s control, yet they are really frustrating, not only for me, also I believe for all of the people waiting at the event. Luckily my good friend Dubfire was willing to fill in and what I heard he smashed it. After all, the trip continued and I arrived a little late, but very psyched to play at Guendalina. And what a good time we had, what a beautiful place and what an amazing crowd. South of Italy never disappoints in the summer. I am so blessed and thankful for these moments. Grazie Mille once more. For those of you who glue the weekly AMFM hours together, I need to tell you that due to the fact that my set was just a little short of 3h, I needed to overlap the 2nd and the 3rd hour to make it fit for three shows. So if you really wanna fit it together, be aware that the first 15 min of the 3rd hour are the same as the last 15 min of the 2nd hour. Sorry for this inconvenience, but I couldn’t find any other way. Hope you will enjoy the set as much as I did playing it …