am/fm | 058

Mon, 18 Apr 2016 10:19:57 +0200
93.1 MB, 1:00:00,

This week´s set is the second hour of 4 hours that I played at one of the most prolific, relevant and fun clubs in Italy (which basically means in the world, as Italy is the country with the biggest history of clubs, or as I like to say with an over 2000 years long history of running events and parties). Il Muretto is in Jesolo, near Venice and every time it is quite an experience to be there, not to mention to play there. This date was not any different, or wait, somehow it was, as I felt that in all the years that I played there, I seem to get to know the club better and better, and that leads to an even more intense experience every time. This was maybe the biggest night I played there yet and I am happy to realize that I continue to say that after each gig at Il Muretto. Maybe this time it was due to the fact I had a 6h tattoo session the day before or because it was Easter Sunday and my 4th gig in a row after coming back to Europe from Miami and LA?! No matter what made it so amazing again, I can only say Grazie Mille over and over again for those good times in Italy! Hope you enjoy these 4h.