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BRAWLcast 254 Horror BRAWL - Wrong Memo From Badland

Mon, 07 Jan 2019 13:25:31 +0100
123.3 MB, 2:08:25,

he Black Dog - Conspiracy Tapes 001 Flat Earth [Dust Science]
SC-164 - Soles Walk [Subapical]
Lectromagnetique - Elemente II [New North Records]
214 - Snow Banks [Klakson]
Fleck ESC - Discrete Opinion [Central Processing Unit]
Iteration Corporation - Poly Surface Morphing [Iteration Corporation]
Cuthead - Headspin [Rat Life]
Aux 88 - Don't Stop It [Direct Beat]
Roza Terenzi - Out Of My Mind (Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Salt Mines]
Thomas P. Heckmann - Provide The Future [Monnom Black]
Sync 24 & Alienata - Confused [Killekill]
Zeta Reticula - 13000 Au From Our Sun [Electrix]
DVS NME - Depersonalization [DVS NME]
Univac - Baikonur [Femur]
Locked club - Electro Raw [Private Persons]
The Adapt - Off The Chain [Urban Connections]
Locked Club - Panagoi [Private Persons]
Escape Earth - Bleep Inside (Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Batrachian]
Broken Voltage Control - Humans [Urban Connections]
DJ Overdose - Wires Smoking [L.I.E.S.]
Cygnus - laaafos Blank Mix (Textasy Dance Floor Dub) [Craigie Knowes]
Posthuman - Steal the Show [Craigie Knowes]
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - VR Escort [Central Processing Unit]
Fleck E.S.C - Grandma's Cookies [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Galaxian - Internal Colonies [Lower Parts]
The Mover - Shadow Deception [Planet Phuture]
Norwell - Transz [Mechatonica]
Rico Casazza - Gingerino [Cultivated Electronics]
Tinfoil - Meadow Waltz [Tinfoil]
Ratsnake - Forget About The Master [Gesloten Cirkel]
Mall Grab - Looking For Trouble [Looking For Trouble]
Radioactive Man - Bonnet Bee [Asking For Trouble]
Bass Junkie - Surrender Or Be Destroyed! [Bass Agenda]
Industrial Bass Machine - The Voice Of World Control
Jackal & Hyde - Anywhere in the Galaxy [Dominance Electricity]
Jackal & Hyde - Bad Robot (Code Rising Remix) [Dominance Electricity]