am/fm | 065

Tue, 07 Jun 2016 11:24:39 +0200
92.8 MB, 1:00:00,

This week´s AM/FM is the recording of the first hour of my set on the Main Stage at Movement Electronic Music Festival (OFFICIAL) on Monday May 30th.
I travelled to Detroit already on that Sunday straight from London and what a blast I had, hanging out on that festival that day without having to play. As I wasn’t aware of the full line up this year (sometimes I just don’t know… and been less online lately), I was very pleasantly surprised by all the people I ran into and got to hang out. Already checking in at the hotel met my good friend and amazing musician Guti, who invited me to the first beer and from that moment on it was all fun and games till late night/morning. Amongst having great times with Dubfire, Joseph Capriati, Moderat, Adam Beyer, Ellen Allien, Heidi, Hito, Tiga, LOCO DICE, Matador and many more, I finally got to meet legendary DJ Pierre for the first time ever (some of you might have seen that moment during my set when he came on stage), who influences me till today with his wild pitch style since the early 90’s. Drinking tequila and having fun with Dave Smith Instruments and his lovely wife at his booth in the backstage also wasn’t helping to stay sober. So the Sunday already had set the mood for the Monday, which turned out to be equally exciting. I played right after John Digweed, starting before sunset and ended my set in darkness. Playing this Main Stage around this time is really something else, besides the great crowd, having these GM buildings in the background really constantly reminds you of that special place you are at. One of the birthplaces of Techno (as I believe there are many on the planet). What an honor to be there and play after all these years. Big thanks, of course next to everyone I met and saw, goes out to the Paxahau Crew who organize that whole thing. I know these guys since many years, they booked me to Detroit already over 15 years ago, when I slept in their basement (back then called the Paxahau Hotel). We have come a long way since then and they are still fully in there with their heart and passion. It is getting better year after year. Hope you enjoy the set as much as I did playing it….