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Dungeon Signals Podcast 259 - Nell Silva

Sat, 17 Jul 2021 14:10:00 +0000
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Dungeon Signals was set up to share my love and passion for underground music with you!

Today we're broadcasting on Techno.FM
between 5 & 8 PM (Dutch Time)

prøgråm | July 17

_nell silva [new york city, USA]

_dano c [rotterdam, NLD]

1990 He became a DJ
2000 Starting organizing some parties,
As manager of DJs, dancers, and Events.

2005 He creates his own home studio.

2014 All music productions ready to the market.

2016 He starts his program market sales in worldwide stores.

2016 He collected his first vinyl.

2017 Started working with international producers and Labels.

2018 New program ‘Elektronik Sounds’ and monthly radio show supported by talented DJs and Labels.

2020 Started a new program called ‘N'SOUNDS’.
In International radio in all worldwide continents, transmitted in FM & web stations.
With partnerships supported by labels and talents help to promote monthly new releases around the world.

2020 He started a new radio show on Loops Radio and Loops TV by his own record label 'Desire Records' with residents producers, DJs, and guests every month.

As always with new works releases
In International labels and as a guest in Internacional labels with new releases.

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