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Untitled Techno *Live* with Dane Weaver, Betty Bloop & Richie Q September 2019

Sat, 12 Oct 2019 22:46:26 +0000
449 MB, 03:06:00,

Untitled Techno #05 broadcasting live on Friday 27th September, from 9pm - midnight, on techno.FM.
We bring you 3 hours of the finest techno, from some of the UK's best dj's and producers.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Claire Louise will no longer be able to join us this evening. But she will be over to play for us some time in the near future.

Dane Weaver;

Stepping in at the last minute, we have a live set coming up from Manchester’s Dane Weaver, produced exclusively using Roland AIRA hardware, you can expect an up tempo blend of varying styles of techno.

Up next is our resident Betty Bloop;

Expect hard, uncompromising industrial techno with an experimental touch, a style in which Betty is making her own.

And finally is the host of our sister show, Richie Q;

After having taken a bit of a break in recent months, Richie joins us for the last set of the night.

Playing a more up-tempo style of techno, a sound which has become synonymous with the North Wales party scene, he will be sure to deliver plenty of acid and 303 mayhem.

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