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Slam Radio 380 | Hadone

Thu, 09 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0000
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Slam Radio 380 with Hadone
Hadone is a triple threat from the east of France. Whether it is his live act, dj sets or his productions, Hadone always has his own style.90’s techno remains his main influence to Which he adds his own grid we all know. The mix gives as a result this simple and melancholic harmony that defines his musical identity.Over recent years he released on many labels that brought him credit in the scene. He released on label such as kaos, taapion and monnom black.
Hadone - unreleased
Héctor Oaks - grown from the ashes
Stef Mendesidis - cyber document
viper diva - born to be slytherin
Lag - kontrola (Bas Mooy remix)
A.P - outta control
David Asko - dead is god (Jacidorex remix)
Hadone - hope reminds me of her
xxxxxx - xxxxxxx ( hadone remix )
I Hate Models - intergalactic emotional breakdown
Marcus L - 292513 ( Manni Dee remix )
viper diva - unreleased
myler - silver screen
hadone - unreleased
donor - us ( sleep archive remix )
Peter Mannerfelt - sisseland bass ( onscreenactor remix)
Funeral Future - blue euphoria
Bas mooy – moeilijk
Hadone - unreleased
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