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Music4Aliens Podcast Series Ep. 12 - Breger

Mon, 22 Oct 2018 23:29:36 +0000
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Hello Aliens ...... for this episode we have the pleasure share with you a mix of one of our favourite artists, Breger..... Well known Germany and India based dj-producer, Co- founder of the Beatplantation festival, resident dj for Vortex Goa, co-owner of Copycow, A&R for indian techno label "Soupherb Records", consistently charting in the top 10 minimal/techno on Beatport..... he plays music all over the world, and today he will drive our spaceship in this dark minimal techno trip. Enjoy!!

Germany and India based Breger, is not one to sit still. Co- founder of the Beatplantation festival and resident dj for Vortex Goa, celebrating the beaches. Musical collaborations include with Timboletti on their own label 'Copycow' and live act 'Extra Mind' with Manu Ferrantini. In between he works as an A&R for indian techno label 'Soupherb Records'.
Breger’s style varies from deep and minimal house to savage techno. His productions and sets are take-no-prisoners beats and tight sound designs. The important thing for him is that his music contains the right groove and keeps people dancing. Consistently charting in the top 10 minimal/techno on Beatport, Breger has a busy release schedule throughout 2018, in addition to worldwide bookings.



01) Ante Ujevic - I Know Alice [Callote]
02) Rodrigo Diaz - Control [Sensum Digital
03) Overheads - Decisive [Phobos Records]
04) Eme Kulhnek - Asper (Rodrigo Diaz Remix) [ONOFF Recording]
05) Reclaim - Deliver [Soupherb Records]
06) Brojanowski - Schwonkytekk [Techgnosis Records]
07) Luis M - Chandra [Phobos Records]
08) Lampe & Krau - 5 Stars Hotel [Soupherb Records]
09) Massive Moloko - Endorphin (Zoltan Stadler Remix) [Intersection]
10) Suspect One - No Neighbours [Anarkick Recordings]
11) Tim Taste - Milkyway [Huldra Recordings]
12) Patrick Hero - Epidemie (Monococ Remix) [Reflekt Records]
13) Anti - Anomaly [Fierce Animal]
14) Mac Vaughn - 5D (Carlo Ruetz Loosing Control Remix) [Fierce Animal]
15) Desire Line - Golden Monkey (Ambivalent Remix) [Octopus Black Label]
16) Cubex - Toxic Twist [Lethal Dose Recordings]
17) Johhny Witcher - Aliens [Music4Aliens]
18) Mikhail Kobzar - Pune Poemi (Hernan Bass Remix) [Krad Records]