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LIVE on techno.fm 9th April 2021 feat: Posthuman and Aura Sounds

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 10:59:03 +0000
433 MB, 03:00:23,

Sun, snow, hail, etc. Should be fun sitting in the beer garden next week eh? To warm your cockles before that, Nexus is bringing you a quality lineup of toasty techno.

This month, we’re delighted to welcome Posthuman as our guest, who we’ve been massive fans of for a while. Not only for their consistently interesting and varied output - but also for their amazing I Love Acid parties, and for the brilliant releases they put out on the awesome Balkan Vinyl. An added bonus is how they engage with the wider dance music world in supporting the good stuff yet having zero fear of calling out nonsense when required. We’re really psyched to share this awesome mix (tracklist below) and want to extend a massive thanks!

And as always, one of our residents takes their turn on the show, and this time it’s the awesome Aura Sounds, fresh from the Nexus takeovers of Berlin’s Bleak Narrative collective’s streams and FNOOB radio, to bring you an power hour of utter quality.

0 - 30 mins - Arondeus
30 - 120 mins - Posthuman
120-180 mins - Aura Sounds

“UK veterans Posthuman are cousins Josh Doherty & Richard Bevan.
Spearheads of the UK Acid House scene alongside the likes of Ceephax Acid Crew, Paranoid London, Luke Vibert and Jerome Hill. They duo are residents & bosses at clubnight & vinyl-only label ‘I Love Acid’ – well over a hundred parties since 2007 in London, plus regular events (until Covid…) across the UK: Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Sheffield, and Glasgow - and in Europe; Antwerp, Ghent, Berlin, Dublin, Barcelona, Lille, as well as their annual summer party in Malta, and guest stages at festivals like Bloc Weekend and Bangface. ‘I Love Acid’ won DJ Magazine’s Best British Club Event award in 2019

The end of 2018 saw them release their album “Mutant City Acid” on double random-coloured vinyl, the first ever fully randomised colour pressing – over 100 different colour combinations. The entire album pressing was livestreamed via video online, also a world first. The album sold out it’s entire vinyl (and cassette) run in just a couple of weeks – it joined a long list of Posthuman releases to sell out on vinyl.
Their signature sound of raw acid house and slo-mo moody techno has been released on Lobster Theremin, X-Kalay, Tusk Wax, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, B12, Chiwax, Shipwrec, Craigie Knowes, Food Music, plus their own imprints Balkan Vinyl & I Love Acid.
Posthuman’s shows are often live/DJ hybrid, varying from DJ sets to full on hardware shows with 101, 303, 606, 808, 909 action – expect a jacked up mix of hardware jams spliced with acid house edits, sometimes featuring live vocals from singer Josh Caffe, and regular back to back DJ sets with Hacienda resident & acid house legend Jon Dasilva”

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/posthuman
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/posthumanmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/posthumanmusic/
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/posthuman
Bandcamp collection: https://bandcamp.com/posthuman

“Aura Sounds is a DJ based in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. EDM, House and Techno has long been part of Aura's life, growing up on 80's electro and 90's House, she's always had a thing for music. Getting behind the decks in 2018 was only an extension of love for Music.

Aura has a residency with underground_kollektiv and nexustechno”