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untitled_techno *live* with Betty Bloop & Pat Hurley 26.06.2020

Sat, 27 Jun 2020 14:21:12 +0000
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Untitled Techno #14 broadcasting live on Friday 26th June, from 9pm - midnight, on techno.FM.
We bring you 3 hours of the finest techno, from some of the UK's best dj's and producers.

Opening the show is our resident, Betty Bloop;

Expect some hard, dark techno, with the odd curveball thrown in for good measure.

Our guest this week is Pat Hurley.

Playing US, European and UK techno, London-based DJ and Producer Pat Hurley got his first gigs with the People 4 People sound system, and has gone on to play for many others since, all over the UK and abroad.

He runs Open Source Records, on which you can find his own productions, as well as artists such as Mike Humphries, Jeff Amadeus & Maxx Rossi.

Pat also hosts The Wired Show on Reel Rebels Radio, and Open Source Sessions on Fnoob.

Pat is a busy man, he’s a vinylist, he’s technical and his mixing is sharp!
To say we’re really looking forward to his set is an understatement!

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