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Techno.FM Wallpaper

The wallpaper is available in multiple sizes. Right click on the appropriate link depending on your screen size and "Save As". Remember where you save it.

If you do not know the resolution of your screen, right click on your desktop and click on "Properties". The last tab in the window is called "Settings". This is where you verify your resolution in pixels.

Once the file is saved on your hard drive, right click on your desktop and click on "Properties". In the first or second tab of the "Properties" window, you can browse your computer to select the wallpaper you just saved (For example, in Windows 98, it's the first tab ad in XP it's the second).

By now, if you don't know how to setup the wallpaper, I give up.

Original Logo

For this wallpaper, you can also select the background color of your desktop. Since the wallpaper has a transparent background, the background of the logo will have whatever color you've selected for the desktop.


NEW - Turntable Logo (aka Techtable)

2 versions available:

Black Turntable Logo - 1600
Black Turntable Logo - 1400
Black Turntable Logo - 1280
Black Turntable Logo - 1024
White Turntable Logo - 1600
White Turntable Logo - 1400
White Turntable Logo - 1280
White Turntable Logo - 1024