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written by Ben Deviant

RON SPEARS: Artist Reflection - we need to be focusing on the area of re-mixing in our industry and for me Ron Spears is a good choice in addressing the matter...

2011-04-24@02:15 RON SPEARS: Artist Reflection - we need to be focusing on the area of re-mixing in our industry and for me Ron Spears is a good choice in addressing the matter...

Please let me introduce you to Ron Spears who is a French producer and was one of those happenstance happy moments as I'm furkling round looking for talent in the nooks n crannies of Soudcloud... his musical repetoir goes back 11 months now and as I tracked through each of his tunes I noticed the improvements in his technical ability as he added a new creation and I also noticed his popularity increasing, having written original mixes for the 'Percent Records' label and then following with notable original & remix acrtion for recognised labels within the scene such as 'Techmatiq Records' - 'Cutoff Recordings' - 'Headmaster Records' - 'Neuro Traxx' ... all Beatport listed labels so that can't be bad for pretty much brand new producer on the scene so he must be doing something right

When listening to his tracks posted up on Soundcloud I find that Ron seems to have a nice edge to his music and creates interesting elements within all his tunes... strange but interesting progression tactics are used showing a good level of creative intuition .. his tracks are found to be in keeping with the genre formula that is required and then adds his own twists and turns that make for a great listening experience... a good example of this is his track '10 Minutes of Rush' ... spot on and you don't get that sense of it being 10 minutes long 'so please change the record mr dj' type moments - which is a very clever and bold approach to creating a track and shows that he has a keen sense of how to initiate changes in the tune as it progresses with being too overstated... classic

His technical ability to manipulate the sounds is really good and has you following each of his elements as they travel through the tune, using a very deft approach to repetition and movement. Once you have read this article you really must get over to his Sound Cloud and check this guys material out ... anyways I thought I would get some feedback from Ron as to what his experience has been like developing a career through releasing both original and remixes

Soooo... I wanted to ask you about the remixing side of things good sir >>

BEN: Q. Having got yourself a lucky break in regards to remixing for a friends label did you find that as an artist you raised your game on the production side of things and do you feel that, as time has progressed, you are improving your skills as a producer?

I ask this question as I have noticed since your first releases posted on your Soundcloud 11 months ago, your music has a shown a progressive learning curve, which is good to see and shows that you are focusing on your techniques.

RON SPEARS: It's been a year i got into production, I'm still a beginner compared to those who make music for several decades, but I think actually get better from week to week. As they say: "It's by forging that one becomes a blacksmith." So I spend a lot of time trying different techniques, I test, try, compare, I erase and start again, but it's true that over time I master better and better my tools and began transcribing what was really there is in my head! I make a point of honor to develop my technique to reach at best in recent years. There are so many producers now that everything is played on the details.

BEN: Q. As technology is advancing how has this been affecting your methods of production and what tools have you been using as part of your trade & why?

RON SPEARS: technology in the music domain is constantly increasing, but for me being a "young producer to limited means" it does not influence my methodology as I work with the minimum required (for hardware), for app, I use Logic as DAW with numbers of plugs. My setup is very simple: a mac, a good sound card, good speakers and a synth that I use as a controller. After everything that goes on inside my mac .... and my head! In the near future I hope to extend my hardware in favor of soft.

BEN: One thing I've noticed while I have been trawling through the cyber shops is the interesting contrasts where remixes are concerned - on the one hand there are releases where the remixes outshine the original by quite a long margin and upon inspection is seen to be an exercise in adding 'well knowns' to the release to draw attention ...

...and on the other hand you have massive original numbers which are accompanied by what are seemingly bolted on remixes just to 'fluff out' the release ... leaving me wondering why they actually bothered to put remixes on there and not just add some different tracks by the same artist...

Q. So... as a remixer yourself (!) .. how do you approach the situation with regards to how you create your track in order to 'fit in' with a. the original & b. the other remixers going on that release??

RON SPEARS: To the remix it's always the same way. A producer contact me directly by email or sending me the original. After it's a question of feeling, when I remix a song I don't seek automatically to sound like the original, instead. I take a point of similarity (voice, synth, or just a sheet) and I let my imagination. A remix for me should not be a Pseudo copy or just an original with a few modifications, this should be a creation in itself, the remixer should take listeners into his world, must catch them, the amazed. A remix it's brought his SENSITIVITY, his universe to another universe.

BEN: Now I feel that Ron Spears has a bit of producer's magic about him and I would certainly recommend other labels to seek out his talents a he is able to create his own nifty brand of tunes as well, and I would like to see this artist go from strength to strength with his already promising music career...

Those were good answers & unfortunately I would like to have asked a couple more questions to create a bit more depth to the discussion, but I promised Francois that this would be posted up soon .. and time is passing (!) and I don't like to keep folk waiting as best I can .. so I'll post this now and then add another question in the very near future ... until then have a good listen to his music and if you are a label owner then I think you should give Ron Spears a shout if your looking for an interesting take on the popular genres his music spans.... cool